Mr. Shahzad Bukhari

Executive Director

Shahzad Bukhari is the Executive Director of Action Consulting and known as development sector specialist.  He enjoyed more than 25 years of his career in establishing and building capacities of organizations and individual in corporate, social and government sector in Pakistan and abroad.  He has also MANAGED more than hundred projects in development/corporate sector including gender & governance, enterprise development, career development & management, research and development, agriculture/ horticulture, youth leadership, community/social mobilization, local government, communication & project management, skill trainings, voter education (election), human, women and labor rights. He trained various level of participants including department sectaries, doctors, professors, trainers, mangers, professionals, students and community members. 

He has also designed and compiled curriculum and training material in various disciplines. As a master and lead trainer, he focuses on enterprise development, gender & governance and generic training of trainers (TOTs).   He also trained a large number of faculty members from (21) universities of Pakistan to mainstream gender in their courses and curriculum under ADB funded project.   

He is the pioneer of, only registered platform for career counselors and professional i.e. Association of Career Counselor and Vocational Guides in Pakistan. He also managed various development sector projects for national and international donors across Pakistan including ADB, UNDP, TAF, World Bank, UNICEF, TAMA, RSPN, WWF, IRC, PPAF, Care International, GIZ, IPPF, FPAP AED, USAID, Save the Children, Plan Pakistan, World Vision, ILO and various local organizations in Pakistan.  He has also visited India, Nepal, Bangkok, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in his career.

Mr. Shahzad Bukhari Executive Director

Mr. Tahir Manzoor Labor & Compliance Specialist

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Mr. Rana Imran Arshad Trainings & Rollout Manager

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